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Signature Program

Each year, Leadership Loudoun selects a diverse group of established and emerging leaders to participate in a thought-provoking, 9-month (September – May) signature leadership development program. The signature program is designed for individuals from corporations, small /entrepreneurial businesses, civic and community organizations and non-profits who are currently serving in a leadership role.


This educational and leadership-based curriculum consists of an overnight retreat, monthly full-day sessions, and a small-group project inspired by countywide issues. These county-wide issues are examined through the perspectives of experts, on-site visits, readings, discussion groups, problem-solving exercises, and other experiential activities.

Participation in the signature program opens the door to ongoing personal growth, professional development and community leadership. Graduates join Leadership Loudoun’s network of influential alumni and a culture of community stewardship.

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Opening Retreat

Our Signature Program engages a diverse consortium of leaders in a thought-provoking, 9-month educational and community-based curriculum that consists of an overnight retreat, nine monthly full-day sessions, and a small-group project. Each class will participate in an, experiential learning-based leadership education, framed around local issues.

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Experiential Learning

Our class day curriculum is developed by using a learner-focused and experiential approach. The program includes visiting local organizations, discussions with thought leaders, and team-oriented problem-solving activities.


Community Service

Our impact projects challenge each group to study issues facing our community and to present workable solutions that can truly make a difference.





We collaborate with local non-profit organizations and business to create unique learning experience and make meaning connections across the county.  

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