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3 Mistakes Leaders Make

Leadership is not an exclusive club for the perfect. Leadership is an inclusive club for the willing. To be a great leader you must first be willing to serve and also willing to overcome the fear of making mistakes. Failure teaches us many valuable lessons if we are simply willing to learn them. In this post, we will share three common mistakes made by leaders in the workplace.

Mistake #1- Choosing A Candidate Based on Interviewing Skills & Not Knowledge and Abilities

Have you ever made a hiring decision that you instantly regretted? Choosing the wrong candidate is expensive, costing the organization time, money, and resources. The added time spent teaching, training, and developing the skills, that were listed on their resume but not evident in their performance, can hurt morale and productivity. Don’t lose anymore valuable time contemplating what went wrong during the hiring process. Make note of the lessons learned and move forward. In the future, ask for help from others in your organization. Panel interviews help reduce blind spots. Look beyond charisma and their ability to ace the interview. Ask performance related questions during the interview and take your time with decision making.

Mistake #2- Overlooking Opportunities to Demonstrate Leadership

Has fear or intimidation ever prevented you from stepping up and leading? We all assume leaders are automatically able to make decisions. Employees expect you to have quick responses and guidance as issues arise. How many of us have struggled with making decisions and delayed moving forward because uncertainties? But one missed opportunity to lead does not mean all opportunities to lead are missed. The good news there is always the next opportunity, there is always the next decision. Here are some tips, first self-reflection. Was your fear based on not having enough information and/or training? Was it the first time facing this particular challenge? Are you afraid your team does not have the skills to perform this particular project? Take the time to self-reflect, you need to understand where the fear, intimidation, and self-doubt comes from. Identifying the source will help you address it and will allow you to be effective. Second, establish a process; Grab a whiteboard, piece of paper, and write out the pros and cons one talk it through with a partner or colleague. Third, ask yourself, do you have to decide now? Not everything is urgent. Take a moment to evaluate if you need to decide now or can it be delayed providing the opportunity to gather additional information.

Mistake #3- Not Preparing for Your Succession

Have you identified people on your team to fill leadership positions? Is your team able to run the business or project without you? Are decisions delayed if you are not there? If you answer yes to all this questions perhaps you have not focused on succession development. Developing and empowering future leaders uncovers skills gaps, grows capacity, improves retention, and it creates internal upward mobility within your business. Your team will be motivated to perform because they will likely feel valued, and they will believe you’re invested in their development and growth.


The mark of a good leader is a genuine interest in trying, failing, and adjusting as needed. Surround yourself with people who are willing and able to work. Step up and lead the way in your community, workplace, and personal life. Never be afraid to teach others to do the same. Our community thrives off of strong leadership and all contributions are equally welcomed.

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